The Ninja and his Sensei.

Our peaceful contemplation following our Hallow’s Eve feast was interrupted.  Not, as one would expect, by a knock on the door, but by a forceful bursting in of the door.  A black clad figure, masked, except for his eyes, came whirling into the room, swinging frightful blades.  He was followed by a black clad figure with wizened white hair and beard – his Sensei, I would imagine.  Halloween 2009 009a

Now I understand his refusal to cut his hair!


5 thoughts on “The Ninja and his Sensei.

  1. How I love reading your blogs dear Cousin! Can’t believe how old SP is already!!!
    I sure missed seeing you all at the TAC meet this year. My back kept me home.
    Please tell your folks I send best regards and lots of love to all of you!

    Wow, reading Unalaska blogs makes me soooo homesick!

    • Wow! So nice to know that you are reading my blogs, although I took quite a break this summer. We miss you so much…holidays are just not the same without you and Doug. We were looking pretty hard for you at the TAC meetings.

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