Geese….yum, yum!

Laresa and I decided to go for a walk on the spit yesterday.  Imagine our surprise to come across a beach full – and I mean BEACH FULL – of geese.  We actually went down there to see if the otters were still hanging out.  Yes, they were, but I didn’t have a zoom lens with me.  You can see them hanging out there in the distance.    Laresa and I were thinking these geese would be really easy to get to the table.  We contemplated a bola, a net, Laresa’s awesome arm –  armed with a rock (ask the ptarmigan), but decided the geese were acting a little too friendly to just take them to dinner without giving them a chance to decline!


7 thoughts on “Geese….yum, yum!

  1. Emperor Geese! A bit on the small side, but probably still tasty.

    We missed it in person but we got to see the re-broadcast on Channel 8 of Father Oleska’s speech and the performance by Nawan Alaxsxan Axanan at the Multicultural Celebration – you must be so proud of Laresa! Great to finally meet you tonight, thanks for making us feel comfortable. Cheers!

    • Thanks. I am very proud of Laresa, and Alena, and Scott. I am so lucky to be reaping the benefits of those precious elements you commented on – time and effort. I think I feel about my kids the way you feel about yours. It was great getting to meet you and your lovely wife.

    • Thanks. So do you know our wonderful MAP agent in Unalaska? If not, look him up. He is awol until May, up at UAF doing his doctorate. I peeked at your blog, and will definitely have to put aside some time to browse. It looks extremely interesting!

  2. Would that be Reid Brewer? I don’t know him. I’m in wildlife, and I work on large game and some predators. Our groups don’t mix much at UAF, for whatever dumb reason. I might have crossed paths and not known it.

    • Yes, that would be him. You are so funny…I have come across the absence of crossing over agency lines and understand it completely!

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